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SANJAY DESHWAL (Lost 30 kg In 6 Months)
Dr Priyanka is amazing person and so professional in her work. It's not easy to make everyone feeling that she is the most important for her....but i myself gained that feeling with her in my whole course of treatment. I have lost 30 kg in 6 months with medical prescribed by Dr. Priyanka, so many thanks to Dr. Priyanka for my life changing treatment..Thank u and I recommend her if you are fed up of putting on weight.
SATYAM KUMAR (Lost 7 kg In 3 Months)
ये मैं 6 महीने बाद लिख रहा हु .मैंने डॉ प्रियंका मैडम को ऑनलाइन कंसल्ट किया था.कोरोना पीरियड में घर पे बैठे बैठे वेट बहुत बढ़ गया था और कोई तरीका काम नहीं कर रहा था.तब मैडम के गाइडेंस में 3 महीने में मैंने 7 kg वेट कम किया l अब मैं एक्टिव हूँ और आगे के लिए वेट न बढे उसके लिए मैडम ने लाइफस्टाइल चेंज मंत्र दिया वो भी फॉलो कर रहा हूँ l थैंक यू मैडम.सब को रेकमेंड करुगा मैडम से ज़रूर मिले.बेस्ट इन वर्ल्ड.
DHERENDR PANDEY (Lost 25 kg In 6 Months)
Since 10 years i suddenly gained weight due to thyroid and anemia. I Consulted Dr. Priyanka online, we discussed all my problems then she suggested for 3 months diet and few homeopathic medicine. She is like angel in my its a year and i didn't gain back.Thank you so much for changing my life Dr. Priyanka.
Puja Chakravorty
Exceptional care and expertise! Dr.Priyanka brilliantly treated my son's widespread rashes, providing effective relief and a holistic approach. With precision and empathy, she addressed both the body and oral symptoms. Highly recommended for thorough, gentle, and successful treatment.
Shristi Rajput
So i m literally grateful to Dr priyanka for curing me and giving me better and diesase free life so i was diagnosed with really severe gastritis problem it took time and I was under her treatment for almost 1 year . I geniunely liked her as an person and the way how she listened to my problems and also finally cured me with her followups and weekly doses which was really effective. I highly recommend her to whoever is having any doubt regarding her treatment !
Subana Iqbal
Really good doctor i must say. Have been visiting her since 2019 because I was diagnosed with pcod/pcos way long back then. I consulted many doctors for this ailment but nothing worked they just prescribed Metformin and 21 days pills (for the sake of regular cycle) ,which gave me more health issues. P.S. ALLOPATHY IS NOT A CURE FOR PCOD/PCOS. My symptoms were worse like acne breakouts, excessive facial hair, absent periods, etc. But after taking all the medicines and weekly doses these symptoms gradually lowered. IT TAKES TIME AND PATIENCE. I'm very grateful to Dr. Priyanka her timely follow ups and medicines helped a lot. Thank you so much Dr. for your support it means a lot. I hope this will help many girls who are facing this health issue😊
Sushmita Verma
I will highly recommend Dr. Priyanka. She is kind hearted doctor who is passionate, dedicated and thorough in her knowledge to treat her patients. She is quite experienced and caring. I had chronic UTI issue and skin related ailments, I was suffering since ages but after being treated by her, I was fully cured in six months. Actually I am off all the allopathic meds I used to take all my life prescribed by doctors and specialists. I live abroad, in a country with highly advanced medical facilities but I still rely on her treatment more than anybody else. Also, I realized, if one come across a doctor like her, homeopathic treatment can be an equivalent or even better option as it has minimal or no side effects on patient. Dr. Priyanka has become our family doctor and we trust her a lot.
Disha Bajaj
A very good and friendly doctor with a smiling face always. Understands your concern well and treats you to get better soon. With my and my family's personal experience, I will recommend her anytime! 😊